Nick Parker (old CV)

This is the CV I used to get my current job. It dates from 1991 so don’t try to use any of the contact details!

Personal Details

Name:Mr. Nicholas John Parker
Address:18 Griffin Court
Griffin Way,
KT23 4JQ
Phone:+44 306 740553 (day)
+44 372 458655 (evening)
Fax:+44 306 887767
Marital Status:Single
Date of Birth:24th November 1962
Current Salary:


Royal Grammar School, Guildford, Surrey (1974–1981)

9 O-levels (4 grade A, 3 grade B, 2 grade C)
3 A-levels (Physics A, Maths B, Chemistry B)

University of Southampton (1981–1984)

B.Sc Honours in Electronic Engineering (2.2)

Work Experience

Vacation Summer 1981

Central Electricity Research Laboratories, Leatherhead (CEGB)

I was involved in basic electronic design and construction.

Vacation Summer 1982

CERL (as above)

I worked as part of a team writing a compiler for a real-time control language designed for the control of power stations. My particular responsibility was in the implementation of some validation software forming part of the overall programming environment.

Languages used:


Systems used:


Vacation Summer 1983

CERL (as above)

I wrote some driver software for the remote booting of PDP-11 computers across a Cambridge (token) ring network from a VAX host. The idea being that computers at a power station site could be re-booted automatically across a wide area network when the need arose.

Languages used:

CORAL-66 and PDP assembler.

Systems used:



Thorn EMI Defence Systems Division, Woking

I was involved in various projects writing real-time software for torpedo tracking and weather detection systems: this was mainly just programming, but with some systems design as well. I also had responsibility as assistant system manager for the VAX computer.

Languages used:

CORAL-66, Fortran-IV, PDP assembler, Data General Assembler.

Systems used:

Data-General Microcomputer, DEC PDP-11, DEC VAX.


Abbey Information Systems Ltd, Bookham then Dorking in Surrey

Abbey is a small software house specialising in computer based publishing systems based on proprietary databases and bespoke composition and editing software. My role involved system design and program development for a variety of projects which included editorial systems for databases as well as extraction and composition software to take the information from the databases and produce typeset catalogues from them. Projects included a catalogue production system for a major film manufacturer, various databases for a major legal publisher, and an editorial system for production of telephone directories.

I also designed and implemented a set of libraries to allow portability of applications across different operating systems, which involved a method of exception trapping (implemented using C macros) to make programs more robust.

I was responsible for network administration on 3+Share and 3+Open (LAN Manager) networks, and have also had to set up a Novell network.

Languages used:

The majority of programming was done in C, with some 8086 Assembler involved. Where projects dictated it, other languages were used such as VAX BASIC, GW-BASIC, BBC BASIC, BCPL, and Pascal.

Software Used:

A large number of proprietary packages were used including Unify, Omnis5, dBase III Plus, XyWrite, Word for Windows, Excel, PageMaker and Ventura.

Systems used:

Most recent development was on IBM PC series machines running MS-Windows (which I have been programming since version 1), though some projects required me to use other systems such as Sun Minicomputers (UNIX), DEC VAX (VMS), MS-DOS (non Windows), OS/2 and BBC Micro.

Other Activities

I am a member of the leadership team of my local Baptist Church, a position which holds many responsibilities such as leading worship, acting as team leader for various projects and being involved in mush of the decision making. I am also responsible for the church computer and public address systems.

I am currently Acting Editor of the local Community Association magazine (quarterly), having been assistant editor for a number of years.

I also play the guitar and am keen to keep fit by swimming and cycling regularly.


As well as English, I am able to converse in French. While not yet being particularly fluent I am keen to improve.